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About Us

Carolina Nurse Staffing LLC


We Create Opportunities for Health Care Professionals & Health Care Facilities

If you are a Health Care Professional seeking a rewarding career where you can explore different nursing facilities, achieve a healthy work-life balance, and be appreciated, then Carolina Nurse Staffing is the company you want to work for!

If you are a Health Care Facility seeking assistance with your staffing needs, then please feel free to reach out to us! We would love to assist in filling those important roles throughout your facility that are currently vacant.


Connecting Health Care Professtionals with Health Care Facilities

Who We Are…

Rebekah Bouchillon


Davin Bouchillon


I am a former CNA and I have a passion for helping people! As a CNA, I have worked throughout facilities in North Carolina directly through facilities, as well as through staffing agencies. I know the daily struggles of both healthcare workers, and facilities, such as being understaffed, or being under-appreciated. My husband and Co-Owner Davin Bouchillon is a former Mortgage Business Owner, who pushed me to achieve my dream of helping people. With Carolina Nurse Staffing, we are now able to impact the lives of not only residents, by providing staff to care for them, but also by providing staff for facilities to be able to continue operating. Lastly, we are overjoyed to say that we help healthcare professionals by placing them in a career where the sky is the limit!

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